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I have just a few quick thoughts on Sarah Palin’s keynote speech for the National TEA Party Convention.

  • It was not difficult to notice what the primary concerns of the delegates of the Convention were. Whenever Mrs. Palin spoke of fiscal conservativeness the crowd erupted with applause. I see this as a continuing trend throughout the next year with implications for the 2012 election as well. Hopefully, people will latch on to the necessity of reforming government spending.
  • The speech touched on a lot of topics that were expected, but a pleasant development of the speech was the idea of an independent TEA Party that does not necessarily propose candidates. I think the watchdog model of the movement should be emphasized. Keep the fire under the feet of both parties so that positive change will be demanded of Congress.
  • The Beltway is strongly against a Sarah Palin Presidency, but middle America is strongly considering it.
  • Simplicity can be a beautiful thing. Just imagine a booklet instead of a novel for a budget.
  • During the Q & A session, Sarah Palin mentioned what she would look for before endorsing a candidate. She gave a “litmus test lite” response that I thought was appropriate for a movement such as the TEA Party. This movement needs to stay focused on a few core principles and not a laundry list of dos and don’ts.

All-in-all, it was a very enjoyable speech, and I hope that the Congress that are snowed in watched and payed attention. Talk about a captive audience.

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In my first post I outlined three “pillars” of conservatism – rights, respect, and responsibility. I will be posting several articles giving greater consideration to these “pillars” over the next few weeks. In regard to respect, Conservatism supports a high view of the individual, whereas liberalism divides people by groups and classes, which are set against each other. Liberals cannot escape these personal categories. In contrast, Conservatives define themselves by ideas and actions. For example, whenever liberals speak of the current President, they cannot help but notice his race. How else can you explain the gaffes by Chris Matthews, Joe Biden, and Harry Reid – all three highly accomplished public speakers. I think that Freud would have something to say about this.  

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Simply, it is the newest and best political blog!

Realistically, it is the newest of the new in a crowded niche without any cache.

Fortunately, it is written by a man of passion, who believes in Conservative Principles of rights, responsibility, and respect.

Honestly, it is currently a lone voice “crying in the wilderness”, but conceptually it is a funnel for disparate voices, ideas, and causes to join together and speak more loudly than any lone individual.

Ideally, it is the promise of a more active, engaged, and enthusiastic Conservative Movement that stands up for its core principles.

Eventually, it will be the impetus for a Trending Conservative Nation!

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