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During the Superbowl, I was surprised by an ad. The Audi “Green Police” ad was both shocking and attention getting. Probably to the delight of the marketing executives at Audi, this ad has demanded significant attention across the web. My first reaction to the ad was shock and dread. If you love freedom, this sort of idea is stomach turning, and unfortunately believable. Of course, the left argues that this is mere histrionics and hyperbole, but with mandatory recycling in some localities and regulations on lightbulbs, how far are we from this reality?

In review, the links below all have the video for you to watch.

  1. Here is a review from the right.
  2. Here is a review from the “supposed” center.
  3. Here is a review from the left.
  4. Here is a ‘bonus content’ review and global warming interview.

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